Watercraft Insurance Quote Request

Enjoying a watercraft rideAs you look out across the water, your pain and frustration might seem to be worlds away. Whether you go out on the water to relax in the calm or you prefer to take an exhilarating ride across the waves, you should protect yourself from the possible dangers that accompany water recreation.


According to the USCG Recreational Boating Statistics Report of 2012, half of the 4,500 recreation accidents that occur on US waters every year are caused by operator error, usually due to inexperience or inattention. To avoid becoming part of the helpless statistics, make sure that your boat or watercraft is covered for accident, collision, sinking, grounding, and vandalism.

Options at Explorer

Because the agents at Explorer Insurance Agency specialize in recreation insurance solutions, they can easily explain your state’s requirements and applicable coverage options to you in plain English. Some of the coverage options that Explorer Insurance offers for boats and watercraft include:

  • Liability protection for damages you cause to another individual’s boat or dock
  • Damage to your hull, equipment, sails, furnishings and machinery
  • Medical payments to cover bodily injuries incurred by others that are caused by your boat
  • Losses caused by an uninsured boater
  • On-water towing
  • Roadside assistance

Because your boat or watercraft is one of your favorite possessions, be sure that it is protected at the level you desire. Explorer Insurance Agency is here to help you get the coverage you need at a very competitive rate.