Download your FREE RV Pre-Trip Checklist from Industry Expert Mark J. Polk

RV Education 101It can really hurt to see RV damage that could have been avoided. Industry expert Mark J. Polk of RV Education 101 has dedicated his career to helping RV enthusiasts understand all aspects of RV travel, including preventing the need for repairs.

To help you prevent the possibility of feeling that pain, Explorer RV regularly promotes and distributes various samples of the helpful advice published by RV Education 101.

In this publication, RV Pre-Trip Inspection Checklists, Mark J. Polk explains that many of the most common repairs can easily be avoided by establishing a pre-trip routine. Explorer RV has made it possible for you to download your own copy of these pre-trip inspection checklists designed by Mark J. Polk.

These checklists:

  • Include items for both motorized and towable RVs
  • Inform you of the most common repairs and how to avoid them
  • Set the record straight on traveling safety with propane
  • Teach you warning signs for aging tires
  • Ensure that you don’t forget to secure specific items and accessories
  • Remind you to prepare your plumbing and electrical systems
  • Provide guidelines to secure your appliances and large items

And, best of all, Mark Polk adds his own bits of wisdom to enhance your experience.

Download your copy of Pre-Trip Inspection Checklists by completing the form on the right.