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Consignment and Your RV Insurance

Posted by Tod Carney on Mon, Jun 13, 2011 @ 09:06 AM

Selling your RV on consignment?  You may not have insurance protection.

RV Consignment InsuranceWhether you are moving up to a Class A motor home from a travel trailer or even downsizing, there are many ways to selling your existing RV.  Placing your vehicle on consignment is a great option, but did you know that most RV insurance policies exclude coverage for vehicles while they are on a consignment?

Since the RV is on a dealer’s lot during the process, you may assume that they are responsible for insuring it.  Actually, they are not -- the responsibility stays with you, the owner.  You may also say to yourself “why do I need insurance if I’m not using my RV and it is just parked at a dealership?”  Well a lot can happen during the sales process.  For instance a potential buyer, unfamiliar with driving a larger vehicle, could take it on a test drive and accidentally hit another vehicle.  Or a fire on the grounds could spread to your RV, resulting in a total loss.  Storms and falling tree limbs may also cause significant damage, not to mention theft and vandalism! 

In spite of all of these potential concerns, don’t rule out selling on consignment.  Your insurance agent can make sure that your RV is covered by adding a Consignment Coverage Endorsement.  Find out about this value protection and get peace of mind by calling your agent today!

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