Download your free RV Travel Checklists
from Industry Expert Mark J. Polk

RV Education 101If you have been an RV enthusiast for long, you are probably aware of the library of valuable information that Mark J. Polk has published. After growing up around RVs all of his life, Polk shares his knowledge and experience with RV owners young and old through RV Education 101.

In this mini-publication, you will learn what items are most essential to RV travel, complete with descriptions and detailed explanations.

For example:

  • Items you should never leave home without
  • A breakdown of essential and desirable items to have in your RV
  • Pre-trip checklists for inside and outside your RV
  • Standard forms to document your RV trip
  • Maintenance and tools needed, as well as details of your electrical requirements by item
  • And, of course essentials when travelling with pets

Your friends at Explorer RV wish you safe travel!