About Explorer RV Insurance

Discover why Explorer RV Insurance is the right agency for you.

When you need recreational vehicle insurance, it makes sense to get it from an agency that specializes in the field.

Since 1997, we’ve provided RV owners with informative, impartial advice regarding recreational vehicle insurance. Experts save our clients money by eliminating unnecessary coverages, and comparison shop to find the best rates for the protection. Explorer RV also identifies dangerous gaps in insurance protection that could lead to disastrous financial consequences and jeopardize your security.

Plus, you can receive specialized RV coverages that often aren’t available through general insurance agencies – including full time recreational vehicle insurance.

Need personal effects insurance, vacation insurance or more? Explorer RV Insurance can help.

Explorer RV can place you in a variety of niche polices that can provide significant financial protection and security. These include:

Trying to figure out these coverages can be frustrating and time-consuming. Let expert professionals explain them to you in a simple-to-understand manner, and outline exactly how you may benefit from selected coverages.

As independent agents, Explorer RV Insurance can be more responsive to your needs.

Captive insurance agencies only work with a single insurance company. Meanwhile, agencies with independent insurance agents offer insurance policies through multiple insurance carriers.

As an independent agency, Explorer RV has long-term relationships with many leading carriers. This enables us to provide you with more choices – which can lead to lower premiums, as well as efficient, customized coverages that fit your needs.

All our insurance partners maintain ratings of “excellent” or higher by A.M. Best for our clients’ peace of mind. Our carriers provide recreational vehicle insurance in 48 states.

Enjoy excellent service after you purchase your policy through Explorer RV Insurance, too.

Many agencies neglect their clients after they take out a policy, leaving customers to look out for their own best interests.

Here, licensed agents take a proactive approach. They conduct renewal reviews to determine if your policy is still appropriate for your situation. If a coverage is no longer warranted or you need additional protection in another area, they’ll call with their recommendations. And, after you file a claim or if you have an issue with your insurance company, your agent can facilitate communications with your carrier.