Specialized Insurance for your Antique Auto or Classic Car from Explorer

antique_classic_autoWhen it comes to insuring your prized classic or antique auto, a typical auto policy just doesn't provide the protection you need. Cars of yesteryear are each unique. A 'one size fits all' approach to insuring them just doesn't work.

Explorer offers specialized insurance coverage, with the following features available for many vehicles:

  • Agreed value coverage - the amount you will be paid in the event of a total loss is decided BEFORE a loss occurs
  • Zero deductible - a nice option that eliminates a deductible for damage to your vehicle
  • Mileage plans - choose the plan that fits how you use your car
  • Coverage for vehicles in restoration - you want to keep your vehicle protected while it is being restored
  • Inflation guard - an automatic increase in coverage during the policy period
  • Spare parts coverage - you can have protection for parts not installed on your car
  • Liability limit options - purchase liability limits that meet your needs
  • Deductible options - prefer to have a deductible for damage to your car to keep your premium lower?  We have a variety of deductibles to offer

              * features and availability vary by state

Let Explorer RV show you how affordable it is to properly insure your antique or classic car!