Affordable Medium Duty Truck Insurance

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Pulling travel trailers, horse trailers or fifth wheels?

As these vehicles become heavier and larger, typical pickup trucks often don’t have the capacity to safely pull the weight. So, many individuals are turning to medium-duty trucks.

If you’re unsure of how a “medium truck” is classified, it usually includes vehicles such as single-rear axle:

    • Freightliner
    • Volvo
    • Kenworth
    • Peterbilt
    • International

It can also include Ford 450s and 550s, along with some GM and Chevrolet models. But, the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) must be fewer than 26,000 pounds.

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Can’t find a personal medium truck policy with other insurance agencies?

You might have discovered that, while a medium truck may be a great option for pulling RVs or horse trailers, it’s difficult to find insurance to cover your vehicle. And, if you do, it’s likely a commercial policy – which can be expensive, confusing and saddled with a mileage limit.

That’s where Explorer RV can help you.

As long as you primarily use your medium truck to tow a travel trailer, horse trailer or fifth wheel – and not for commercial purposes – Explorer RV Insurance can place you in a personal insurance policy that reflects your situation.

You have the option of insuring your medium-duty truck as a stand-alone vehicle with regular auto insurance protection. Or you can combine it on a single personal policy with the unit you’re towing.

You’ll likely save considerably with the latter option. And you’ll simplify matters for yourself.

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Experienced agents will handle all your questions and concerns about personal insurance for medium trucks, and make sure you’re protected.

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