Personal Auto Insurance from Explorer

autoPersonal automobile insurance coverage is very important for your 'peace of mind' - and in many states is required by law.  If you drive a vehicle that is financed or leased, there may be additional coverages you may be required to carry due to your loan or lease agreement.

Types of coverage available with personal auto policies

Although availability varies by location and insurance company, the following are some of the types of coverages that may be available to you.

    • Liability - pays for bodily injury or property damage for which you are liable
    • Medical Payments - pays for injuries to occupants of your own vehicle
    • Uninsured Motorists - if you are injured by an uninsured driver, your injuries may be covered up to the limits carried on your policy
    • Underinsured Motorists - if you are injured by a driver who carries lower liability coverage than your underinsured motorist limit, the difference between the two limits may be available for your injuries
    • Comprehensive, also known as Other than Collision - direct damage to your vehicle, caused by perils other than collision.  Exception:  collision with an animal is generally paid under this coverage
    • Collision - covers damage to your vehicle caused by collision with another vehicle or object
    • Roadside Service - provides benefits or reimbursement for towing and other emergency road services
    • Extended Transportation (Rental Reimbursement) - provides a vehicle or reimburses the cost of a rental  while your vehicle is being repaired from a covered loss
    • Gap - designed to cover the difference between your car's actual cash value, and the amount owed on your loan or lease for the vehicle

Check to see if there are discounts that you can receive 

    • Multi Car - insure more than one car on the same policy, pay less for each
    • Multi Policy - purchase other policies from the same company, such as home insurance
    • Safe Driver - most companies charge less for drivers with a clean driving history
    • Good Student- good grades can result in a lower premium for your son or daughter
    • Anti Theft - receive a lower Comprehensive premium if your vehicle is equipped with a theft deterrent system
    • Usage - generally, those who drive less pay less for insurance.  This may be based on total annual miles, miles driven to work, or newer technology that records your driving habits
    • Advance Quote - some companies offer a discount if you get a quote in a week or more in advance of your renewal date 

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