Is it time to choose full time RV insurance?

If you spend a lot of time in your RV, obtaining full time recreational vehicle insurance may be a smart move.

That’s because typical insurance policies can leave you vulnerable to costly coverage gaps that threaten your financial security. And that’s especially true if you don’t have a homeowner’s policy.

Here’s what valuable protection you gain with full time RV insurance.

With this specialty insurance, you can choose from important coverages such as:

Full timer’s personal liability insurance: Provides liability coverage wherever you travel, and shields you from financial losses (up to your policy limits) for which you’re legally responsible. It essentially replaces the liability portion of your homeowner’s policy. Most specialty insurance companies actually require full timers’ personal liability coverage when usage exceeds five months per year.

Explorer RV offers high liability policies for those who desire the extra protection.

Full timer’s medical payment coverage: Similar to the medical payments option on a homeowner’s policy, this offers relief from a variety of medical bills caused by an accident in your parked RV.

Scheduled valuable personal property coverage: Reimburses you up to $99,000 for losses of valuable personal items, such as jewelry, antiques, stamp collections or other treasured items.

Secured storage personal effects coverage: Most full timers can’t fit all their belongings in their RV, and opt to store the excess items in storage facilities. This provides up to $99,000 in coverage if those possessions are stolen or damaged by fire. (Most storage facilities will not reimburse you for these losses.)