Do you like to travel through a campsite using your own golf cart? If so, have you thought about golf cart insurance?

Many RVers enjoy sightseeing at the campsites and parks that they visit – and a golf cart offers an easy way to cover a lot of ground. That’s especially true if you’re elderly or have mobility problems, or even if you have small children or grandchildren to transport. 

But, did you know that, if you use your own golf cart at a campsite or park, you can be held liable if you’re in an accident? The same is true if you use your own moped. 

Golf cart insurance and/or moped insurance provide the additional financial protection you may need. 

Golf cart and/or moped insurance is available for those who travel with their own golf cart or moped, and keep these vehicles at their campsite. 

Adding golf cart insurance or moped insurance to your existing policy (or purchasing a separate policy) increases your protection with physical damage coverage that includes collision and comprehensive. (Liability protection is covered under your policy’s Vacation Liability coverage.) This coverage applies to golf carts and mopeds that aren’t licensed for street use. 

Have questions about golf cart or moped insurance? Call the experts at Explorer RV today at  1-888-774-6778. 

Add moped or golf cart insurance to your full time RV insurance policy for the most complete coverage. 

While full time RV insurance is ideal for avid RVers, it doesn’t cover your golf cart or moped. 

However, adding this coverage typically doesn’t cost much. And for those who use these vehicles to get around, it can fill an overlooked gap in your overall protection. Your Explorer RV Insurance agent will explain everything in more detail. 

Don’t have full time RV insurance? Perhaps you should. These policies can provide high liability coverages and many coverage options. Call us at 1-888-774-6778 for more information.


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