Resources for RV Park Managers

Things can get pretty hectic with the entourage of RV enthusiasts exploring the United States each year. What can be done to avoid chaos? Let’s examine some of the issues that need to be addressed to help your visitors learn the ropes and help keep your RV park safe.

Entertainment Options for RV Park Visitors

What can you do to make sure that your park becomes one of their favorite destinations? With a combination of a friendly welcome and suggested park activities, you can keep families and couples coming back year after year.

Social Hours – Organize themed social hours where a group of campers can sit together for entertainment such as listening to live music performed by other guests, playing cards, or sitting around a campfire listening to ghost tales. Getting campers together at your park increases the likelihood that their pleasant memories will be associated with your park.

Sports – Clear out a space for frisbee golf, throwing horseshoes, or limbo. Kids of all ages will enjoy playing outdoors without impacting the natural environment. Parents will greatly appreciate efforts to keep the kids entertained.

Local Resources – Camp visitors are often unaware of local activities that they could enjoy while staying at your park. If you direct them to several fun and entertaining options, even providing flyers, brochures and maps, they won’t forget it.

How to Keep Your RV Park Visitors Safe

They want to get away from it all. You provide a place for them to rest before continuing on their journey. It is important to engage with visitors to ensure that they have the knowledge required to stay safe.

Inexperienced or careless visitors can end up in some sticky situations. It is in your best interest as a park manager to point them in the direction of educational resources that will explain the most important aspects of RV life, especially when it comes to water and electricity.

Dumping Stations – It is important for RV owners to be aware of the appropriate practices for flushing out their waste water. It is very important for them to understand that the gray water and black water tanks need to be kept separate as do their corresponding hoses. To ensure that your RV Park visitors do not contaminate the area, provide them with step-by-step instructions that pertain to your RV park’s specific conditions. Mark Polk of RV Education 101 has provided this video on RV Dump Station Tips. He has generously given permission to use his videos on other sites free of charge.

Electricity – Because RVs use two or more types of power, an RV owner could easily get confused. If the power is connected to the RV incorrectly, the entire exterior surface of the RV could carry a charge and accidentally electrocute someone. One simple touch of an inexpensive voltage detector would warn you immediately. Providing your RV visitors with clear instructions about electrical hookups helps keep everyone safe.

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