RV Windshields/RV Awning Replacement

Make RV windshields and awnings less expensive to replace with the right insurance.

Any veteran RVer knows how costly it can be to replace RV windshields and awnings. Fortunately, there’s a solution to both situations that can make this expense a bit easier to take.

RV awning replacement coverage

This coverage is available if you qualify for total loss replacement coverage. With RV awning replacement insurance, the cost to get a new awning is fully covered.  This specialty coverage can only be added to your policy when the RV is brand new.

Call Explorer RV Insurance at 1-888-774-6778 to learn more about RV awning replacement coverage, and get a free, no-obligation quote. 

Replacement insurance for RV windshields

Putting in a new windshield on a large vehicle like a RV can be a burdensome expense. But, with special windshield coverage, your expense can be greatly reduced.

Use this coverage to substitute for your normal deductible, and enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs for windshield replacement.

This valuable coverage is available in most states. Contact Explorer RV Insurance today at         1-888-774-6778 for details, and a free, no-obligation quote.

Combine these coverages with full time RV insurance for greater protection.

Are you an avid RVer?

Full time RV insurance could be a good option for you. It offers high liability protection, along with an array of other coverages that can form a complete package to safeguard your investment. All in the convenience of a single policy. Some of these coverages include:

  • Total loss replacement
  • Personal effects
  • Towing and roadside labor
  • Vacation campsite protection 

As always, we’ll comparison shop among our many carriers to get the best rates for you, and tailor a policy to fit your exact needs and concerns. 

Speak to a licensed agent today at 1-888-774-6778 to see if full time RV insurance is right for you.